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From the Foto homepage, there are three ways that you can navigate through the images.

  1. Browse a Collection: Click on the Collection that you are interested in to view the images in that collection, or select All Collections to view the entire set of images.
  2. Quick Search: Enter a word, term or phrase that represents the subject you are looking for in the Search for box and click Search. View the Search Guide for tips on searching.
  3. Subject Index: Use the Subject Index link from the menu at the top of the page. From here you can click on a particular subject to find the keywords associated with that subject. Click on a keyword to view images associated with that keyword.

When you have carried out one of the above the page that you are presented with will display results as thumbnail images. Above and below these thumbnails, you will be presented with a list of other thumbnail pages within that search or collection. The page which is currently displayed is in bold. To toggle between the pages available, click on a number or select last to view the last page and first to return to the first page. You can also click on Previous and Next to move through the pages.This page will tell you what collection you are in and also how many images are in that collection. If you have carried out a search this page will tell you what you have searched for and how many hits there are.

This page can be changed to display more or less images per page. Select the grid size that you require i.e. 4 x 3 will display three rows of images with four images per row.

To view a larger image click on a thumbnail. Information about the image is also displayed here. To view more information about the image click on the "i - More Details about this image" link at the top of the page. If you have carried out a search, your search terms will be highlighted on this page.